Pleated Blouse

I don't know what's happened to me but I've been sewing everything up in doubles. I made harem pants, two pairs, a muslin and then one of fun fabric. I made 2 sack like blouses that I love. Then I made these two pleated blouses. I guess maybe it's the test run first and then I'm comfortable and know what I'm doing so the next one goes quickly?

Anyway I bought the Pleated T-shirt pattern by Salme ages ago... like a full year ago. I printed it and then never got to it. What gives? I think I may have been freaked out about the pleats but I just went for it and they came together quickly and easily. Also I used single fold bias binding for the necklines... they seem to flop a little but I was worried facings would show through the material.

I love this pattern and plan on making more this fall. Maybe in a knit or some other warmer richly hued fabrics. I'm thinking longer sleeves with a bit of elastic at the cuff... I don't know what's come over me but I like blousy and drapey lately. 

The maroon one is my homage to the color of the year, Marsala, and is a bit autumn for this time of year, but oh well. It was the first one I made. It's rayon from and while I love it it wrinkles if you breath on it. Also it's a little short on my frame and I didn't even hem it the suggested 1.5." I serged the bottom and turned it up once and stitched it down... still too short for me. And the hem is tight around my hips, maybe it wouldn't be if I had hemmed it up all the way but then it would have been too short for me to comfortably wear. I can't feel that it's tight I just know it's too tight. Does that make sense to anybody? Also I cut a 10. My bust puts me at a 6 and my hips are at least a 10, and I like over-sized lately so I went with 10. It's fine for my shoulders, but I did end up tapering in at the waist and back out to the hip. I also lengthened the sleeves a bit so they might be somewhat autumn appropriate when the weather changes.

The second, an ivory rayon that is not as wrinkly, one is right on. I didn't lengthen sleeves. I still cut a 10. I tapered the waist in and out again. This time I added 2" to the hem and sewed the sides so I would have side slits that can open and accommodate my hips. I love this version and it's right on... for me, and isn't that what making your own clothes is all about. 

Also I feel way prettier in these blouses until I look at pictures and I'm like what the heck... this isn't doing anything for my body... but who cares. I love wearing them.

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