My name is Risa, like Lisa... but with an R. 

I was given my first sewing machine when a friend was moving across the country. I didn't use it for over a year because I didn't know how to sew and the machine terrified me. I was ready to give it away but a sweet aunt told me to keep it and it would come in useful some day. She was right!!! I had to learn how to sew less than a year later to help with a major service project my church congregation was undertaking. Then I was pregnant and wanted to sew a few things to customize the baby's room and four years later I have a hoard of fabric and a new machine.

I've wanted to sew more of my own clothing over the last few years but just had a hard time committing. Lately I've been more and more concerned about the conditions in which our consumer goods are created.  I just can't buy clothes at most major retailers any more. If I'm going to buy something I need to know that it was made fairly under good working conditions. I'm also wife to a self employed man so we're very budget conscious... so I'm committing now to making more of my own clothing and thrifting the rest. Yep, I love thrifting and it's the best way to ethically shop.

I don't know how this will translate to the rest of my family. We're trying to figure it out. We'll probably stick with ethical brands for buying clothing for my husband and children. I'll also sew a lot more for the kids and we'll just get by with less. Really we consume too much as it is. And we'll shop etsy first. I have two etsy shops so I love supporting small, US based, handmade businesses.

All that to say this is my space to share what I make. There will be lots of sewing posts with some craft and home decor projects thrown in.

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