Simplicity 8084

So it's been almost a year since I posted. I didn't really sew for myself for 9+ months. I had a baby. I thought I would make maternity clothes, but since she should be our caboose, I didn't bother. 

Now that my body is a little bit stabilized I've been sewing for me again. I've made a few tshirt dresses but thought I'd post this first. 

Like lots of other sewists I've been getting on the shirtdress train this season. I chose to start with Simplicity 8084. I liked the details.

Fabric: I used a poly something that I picked up at Hancock's. So sad they're going out of business as they were one of my favorite local stores. I'm a bit obsessed with florals.

Fit: I added 3" to the bottom of the skirt. I'm tall and wanted to make sure this was a long enough maxi. I moved the casing down an inch. I could have used an adjustment to the back/shoulder because it's a bit tight for me.

Lyon Dress

Have you heard of the Sew What Club? It's a sewing pattern club with children's and ladies patterns. You can sign up for either option or both (me).

The Lyon dress was the second girls pattern to be released this month. I sewed it up right away... late into the evening when I should have been sleeping. I used a quilting cotton that was a gift from a mini quilt swap I participated in.

I used single fold bias tape instead of double and hid it on the inside of the neckline and arm openings. I really liked my fabric and didn't want to break it up so I overlapped the top and bodice pieces by 3/8" and then traced onto my tissue. I also cut the 5/6. 

There are several things I'll change for my next one. The head opening is a bit small for my girl, and length is a bit short. I think we could go with the 7/8 for her. She's almost 6 but she's tall and a bit big for her age... which is OK. Her dad and I are tall... it's to be expected.  I think the 7/8 would be a better length. I also plan on altering where I put the elastic. It hits my girl right on the roundest part of her belly, which she finds uncomfortable, and she dresses for comfort first and cuteness second. I think it would be better above, she wants it to go below so that's probably what we'll do.

All in all it's a fast and cute make with several options. She enjoyed wearing this one so much. Also she's been giving me more "serious model face" lately in these kinds of photos. I don't know why. She's kind of shy but I think she also feels a bit special and sassy.

Mini Floral Hudson Pants

I have to warn you all. I'm obsessed with florals. There my be many more projects with florals coming. I didn't realize I was obsessed until recently... but I am. And it's not an obsession that's going to wane any time soon. Maybe it's the season. Maybe it's because they're beautiful but I just love floral prints lately.

Not too long ago I bought a bunch of fabrics from for my little lady. This floral ponte was one of the cuts I bought, specifically to make her some hudson pants. I love this print. Her dad loves these pants on her and she loves these pants. The only downfall, and it's a major one, is that this fabric pills like crazy. I may have known it might be a slight problem but it's turned into a huge one on pants for an active child. Next time I'll use a different kind of knit. In the mean time we'll love these until they're unwearable.

The pattern is great. This pair came together super quickly. My last pair, never blogged but worn 3-4 times a week, took me a while. I think I just took everything slowly. So I procrastinated making this pair because I have no patience and like to have something come together quickly. 

The pattern is so comfy for kids to wear, and my daughter likes comfy. I think I cut a 6 and the length is great on my tall girl. I'll be making another pair this fall for both my kiddos, and probably myself.

My sister convinced me to use solid ribbing for the pocket detail, waistband, and cuff band. I'm glad I did. I was a bit resistant at first but I do like that detail now. As far as fabric cutting I wish I had paid more attention to print placement. I'm not so happy with how symmetrical the print is and how much floral bombing is happening in not so desirable places... I bet it's mostly just us sewing gals that notice such things... right? right???


Pleated Blouse

I don't know what's happened to me but I've been sewing everything up in doubles. I made harem pants, two pairs, a muslin and then one of fun fabric. I made 2 sack like blouses that I love. Then I made these two pleated blouses. I guess maybe it's the test run first and then I'm comfortable and know what I'm doing so the next one goes quickly?

Anyway I bought the Pleated T-shirt pattern by Salme ages ago... like a full year ago. I printed it and then never got to it. What gives? I think I may have been freaked out about the pleats but I just went for it and they came together quickly and easily. Also I used single fold bias binding for the necklines... they seem to flop a little but I was worried facings would show through the material.

I love this pattern and plan on making more this fall. Maybe in a knit or some other warmer richly hued fabrics. I'm thinking longer sleeves with a bit of elastic at the cuff... I don't know what's come over me but I like blousy and drapey lately. 

The maroon one is my homage to the color of the year, Marsala, and is a bit autumn for this time of year, but oh well. It was the first one I made. It's rayon from and while I love it it wrinkles if you breath on it. Also it's a little short on my frame and I didn't even hem it the suggested 1.5." I serged the bottom and turned it up once and stitched it down... still too short for me. And the hem is tight around my hips, maybe it wouldn't be if I had hemmed it up all the way but then it would have been too short for me to comfortably wear. I can't feel that it's tight I just know it's too tight. Does that make sense to anybody? Also I cut a 10. My bust puts me at a 6 and my hips are at least a 10, and I like over-sized lately so I went with 10. It's fine for my shoulders, but I did end up tapering in at the waist and back out to the hip. I also lengthened the sleeves a bit so they might be somewhat autumn appropriate when the weather changes.

The second, an ivory rayon that is not as wrinkly, one is right on. I didn't lengthen sleeves. I still cut a 10. I tapered the waist in and out again. This time I added 2" to the hem and sewed the sides so I would have side slits that can open and accommodate my hips. I love this version and it's right on... for me, and isn't that what making your own clothes is all about. 

Also I feel way prettier in these blouses until I look at pictures and I'm like what the heck... this isn't doing anything for my body... but who cares. I love wearing them.

Chevron Izzy Dress

I love the Izzy Top Pattern recently. I've made a knit top for my daughter, which is currently covered in dirt because she likes it so much she actually plays in it... I don't like that it's covered in dirt. I made a highly modified one into a dress for the last show I costumed. The latest one is pictured below. 

I originally bought this fabric to make myself a blouse last year, but never got around to it and then decided that I was not that into the print for myself anymore, so I made my daughter a dress. I have been promising her this dress for months so this week I finally sat down and sewed the dang thing up.

I lengthened the bodice to make a dress. I was originally going to do a high-lo hem but it didn't have enough of a difference to look intentional... instead it just looked like my hem was terribly crooked. So this morning, in the crazy hour before church, I cut off the hem, re-serged, and hemmed again. So much better. I feel like it hits her at the right point. 

The fabric is a lightweight poly, thicker chiffon/light crepe, from Hancock fabrics that you could probably find in their spot the bolt section. It's a bit diaphanous so I lined the whole thing in rayon. For the yoke I interlined the chevron poly and used rayon for the lining piece. So there are three layers of fabric.

Lastly I did a zipper closure in the back instead of a button and liked that quite a bit better with this dress version.

Harem Pants

I'm back! Back to sewing for me! Back to sewing whatever I want! Whenever I want! Can you tell I'm excited?!?!!!

I love costuming... don't get me wrong, but while in the depths of sewing all the time for a show I miss sewing for me. No shows for a while so it's all selfish/self-care sewing all the time... not all the time but all the sewing time!

I've made my daughter a shirt and pants, a blouse for myself, and two pairs of harem pants. Specifically the Harem Pants pattern by Pattern Emporium.

I made a black pair that might show up in pictures on instagram, or here, but I don't plan on blogging them. They were the wearable muslin to determine fit. Then I cut into this fun fabric. Sadly I only had 1.5 yards and so the back legs pieces ended up a bit off grain and are pulling funny. This pair is still wearable and the print is so busy that I think I'm the only person who will know.

For this pair due to my fabric restraints I just extended the top of each leg piece to make a casing for the elastic and didn't add any pockets. My bum could use me extending the rise in the back... if I make another pair I'll work on that more.

I love this fabric, which is a Joel Dewberry rayon and drapes perfectly for this type of pant. I love that these have a crazy print and are so light and easy to wear. I'm discovering that my personal style involves florals and other crazy prints mixed with neutrals.


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Well here I am again. On the night of our first performance. I helped costume 7B47B and it's been fun. Stressful but fun. We've had dress rehearsals all week. A week ago I wasn't sure we were going to make it, but here we are with everyone outfitted and just working on minor details. At this point in a show when I call my husband to tell him I'm finally on my way home I say things like I'm only bringing home a few things to fix... instead of a few things to fix and 6 aprons to sew (that was Tuesday night) or something like that. My family has been so supportive and patient with me this week. 

This was a fun show to outfit because nothing is really modern. Calico prints and gathered skirts abound! Lots of eyelet and lace was used for embellishing. And petticoats are involved! Also at this point in the show I wish I was joining them on stage. Someday maybe. 

Some dresses I made below.

My sister actually made the dress second from left and I embellished it. I also made the apron you can't see too well.

For this show I also learned how to sew a men's button down type shirt. I actually didn't install buttons because we put zippers in instead. They have a super fast wardrobe change and didn't have time for buttons. So it's all hidden zippers and velcro. I sewed the three shirts below. Gold, pink, and green. 

On top of this we sourced a lot of items from the warehouse, where all of these will go for future shows. Not photographed is the mending and alterations that get done after each practice. Someone always needs something fixed. I actually take at least one of my machines with me so I can be ready to fix things when (not if) needed.

It's been fun, stressful but fun. Honestly I look forward to sewing for myself again at this point, but I'm also excited to hear if I'll be asked to help out on any future shows.