Not Every Witch Lives in Salem

By His grace I've got my confidence back and look at what I've done with it.

A few weeks back I was thinking I just wanted to make a good witch costume that I could wear every year. I knew it would be a huge undertaking so I planned on only making a few pieces each year. This year I chose to make the skirt and hat.

For the skirt I was inspired to make this skirt and used these instructions for adding a "hoop." For my skirt though I made things a little easier and just cut panels that were wide rectangles. I figured out how big I wanted the bottom circumference of my skirt to be, added 3 inches for seam allowance and then divided that by 6. That gave me 16 inch wide panels. To bring them in at the waist I just put both layers together and then added large pleats at every panel seam. I made sure the opening was large enough to pull on over my hips. Instead of using a zipper I added a yoga waistband/knit waistband. I did this because there is the possibility we'll have more children and I wanted the skirt to fit under a pregnant belly or on a postpartum belly... dressing up for Halloween is important, you know ;)

For the hat I was going to build one from scratch but my first two attempts didn't work out so I scrapped that idea and bought a $3 hat from Target and then added on to it. I added burlap on the top and bottom of the brim, and wrapped the cone in burlap. The fringe on the sides of the cone were a happy accident. Really the burlap on the hat just evolved as I was gluing it. The decorations were all found at Michael's and I made a little spider to add to the mix. The pin was just as simple as gluing and hand sewing some decorations to a piece of felt and using safety pins to attach it to my coat. The bird... ah that bird. I saw it at the store and knew that I needed a pet. It was quite a fun detail that didn't go unnoticed at last night's Witches Night Out.

For the lace gloves I used scraps of stretch lace I had on hand and watched a few youtube tutorials and they came together quickly.

Dragon Costume

I feel like I'm always apologizing for not posting enough. I guess I need to stop apologizing and just relax. Really I post whenever I make something. The silence, that's been a bigger issue than just not posting. I haven't been sewing much. Not for lack of fabric, to-sew lists, projects, etc... but I've realized that somehow I developed a lot of fear... fear of what, I'm not sure, but I've had this debilitating feeling of fear and ineptitude. I know that's dumb because I know I'm good at what I do. I can't do it all but I'm good at what I do. I think I'm getting better and I'm getting some things done but those feelings have bogged me down for months.

One of the projects that's helped me get out of my funk is this costume. I was commissioned by a friend to make her daughter a dragon costume for Halloween. She sent some inspiration pics and I followed them pretty closely and added a couple other details. 

This project was more intense than it might appear. I drafted the patten and that's no easy feat. Even if it's pretty much a circle skirt with a hood it takes time. I'm always so impressed with indie pattern designers. Making a pattern is not for sissy's. I fully lined the costume and quilted the spikes and back of the costume. I added velcro for a neck closure and two sets of ties on the interior to hold it together while it's worn. There are also some elastic wrist straps. It may appear small on the model and that's because my daughter wears 5T/xs clothes and this is made for a little lady that is still mostly in 2T clothes. My 2T wearing son refuses to wear this... I put it on him for fit checks but he cries the whole time. Hopefully the lucky lady likes it.

Now on to Halloween costumes for my family.

the SENNA dress

Hey all! I'm back at the machine. Life has been busy with the start of school around here. I've also been in a sewing funk. I have lots to do but for some reason haven't been getting behind the machine. With Autumn coming though I have lots of projects on my mind and hopefully will start to get my rear in gear. 

I was able to test Lindsay Woodward's first pattern and it was a great project to get me back at the machine.

Here is my review:

Pattern: Senna Dress Versatile, comfortable, and modern, Senna can be made as either a dress or a cute crop top + pencil skirt combo. Designed for knit fabric, Senna features a loose kimono-sleeve bodice with blouson waistline and a ruched pencil skirt. The neckline comes with crew neck and scoop neck options.
Suitable for confident beginners, this project can easily be completed in one afternoon.
Size Cut: I cut a 4 for the top and 6 for the bottom/skirt and made view A.
Textile Used: I used some gray knit fabric from my stash. You can find this on the bolt at JoAnn stores. This was probably not the best choice for this pattern. It sewed up fine but just looks so casual for this kind of dress pattern. I styled it with sneaker boots, or as my husband likes to refer to them as moon boots/Napoleon's boots... anyway I like this dress styled with these boots and a bold lip and earring. As the weather cools I'll add some opaque tights. Anyway moving on...
The Good: This dress sews up quickly. I know I say that all the time but this one really does. It also has a unique silhouette which I don't feel I've seen as much. You can also sew separates, a crop top and pencil, so you get quite a few options in one pattern. 
The Bad: I don't like the textile I used... but you live and learn. 
Changes Made: None. I sewed this exactly as stated since I was testing the pattern. 
Changes for Next Time: The pattern has a pegged skirt, which I typically like, but next time I'd just cut the bottom of the skirt straight and not peg it. The skirt portion of the pattern has quite a bit of negative ease so I don't think removing the peg will change the silhouette too much.
Conclusion: This is a sexy and wearable pattern with lots of options.

Tank and Boxer Set

I sewed something for a boy! I have never sewn clothing for my boy. I've bought patterns and fabric but have yet to sew up a shirt or pair of pants. 

I tested this pattern for Jocole. It will be released as part of the the Boy's Bundle Up Sale that launches this Friday August 22nd.

Pattern: Tank and Boxer Set
Size Cut: I cut the 2T.
Textile Used: I continued stash busting and upcycling with this project. The knit for the tank is a lightweight jersey made from scraps from Jocole's mama. Jodi (head of Jocole) is my cousin and her mom gave me some scraps when I was visiting one time. The shorts were cut from a pair of shorts of my husband's that had holes in irreparable places.
The Good: These sew up so quickly. I liked the length of the tank very much and love my boys little muscles. The shorts sewed up quickly too.
The Bad: I made a test version so these shorts were really big in the legs at first but that problem has been fixed. Yay for testing!
Changes Made: I chose not to sew the fly front on the shorts since our little guy is still in diapers and won't be able to coordinate such a clothing detail for some time.
Changes for Next Time: None. These are just great as they are.
Conclusion: A great boy pattern to be used for pj's or casual wear.

Roo Romper

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately. I've been painting, making jewelry, testing patterns, and trying to figure out the school situation with my oldest. I'm getting back behind the machine again and churning out some cute things. Also, I'm trying REALLY hard to only use up my stash. I decided it was a bit ridiculous having so much fabric on hand for "someday" projects. I want to start working through them. Anyway here is a recent romper I tested for Too Sweets Patterns.

Pattern: Roo Romper
Size Cut: I cut the 5T.
Textile Used: I used a lightweight knit cut from a maxi dress I no longer wear. For the binding and straps I used scraps of leopard sweater knit I had on hand... See stash busting.
The Good: My daughter says this is super comfy and she likes wearing it all day.
The Bad: I had a rough time with the straps. Another tester used cotton and I think that was genius but I didn't have any that coordinated as well as the leopard.
Changes Made: None this time.
Changes for Next Time: I think I'm going to unpick the leg hems and add a band out of more leopard. I was thinking of adding a leg band for a more tapered finish and then my daughter requested that it have some leopard at the bottom like the top so we'll do that soon.
Conclusion: Cute and comfy. Win!

Duffel Bag

I dream of traveling. Someday that's all I want to do... don't we all. Anyway I had a chance to go visit the bestie in Texas a few months ago and didn't want to take a huge suitcase so I made a duffel bag. This duffel is quite large though so I brought way more than I should have. 

PatternTravel Duffel Pattern via Craftsy.

Textile Used: I used quilting cottons and jute webbing from Joann and batting that I had on hand. If you need to fine the jute look in the upholstery section.

The Good: It was super cute and easy enough overall.

The Bad: Bigger than I had in mind.

Changes Made: I quilted in a chevron patter, which took longer. I also added a strap in the back so I could loop it over the handles of a suitcase if I travel with both.


I've been too quiet. Life got busy and not much sewing has been happening. Maybe I shouldn't write public to-sew lists ;)

Anyway here are two pics from my IG account on what I've got going on.

Remember my post on Skirting the Issue? Well they had a get together in the area and a bunch of ladies came out and sewed up some skirts. I think about 220 skirts were made/donated that evening. I myself made 3 in a couple hours. There is still some time to sew up a skirt and ship it out to help out the cause.

This is a peek at the fabric I'm using for a skirt and blouse. Skirt will have box pleats and the blouse is my favorite TNT Simplicity 2599. I got everything cut out to sew up last night... but I was too exhausted to sew. Hoping to have it done and photographed this weekend to share with you next week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!