I've wanted to get into costuming for a little while now. I love sewing and I really enjoy making Halloween costumes. I find that with costuming I get to work with different materials and sew things that I normally wouldn't.

My husband does a lot of work with digital media, TV, and smaller film productions. He's the best and puts in a word for me with the costuming people whenever he can. Someone he had met on set contacted me in December to see if I would be her assistant, and help with sewing, for a Broadway Family Favorites show in Feb/March. I said yes. I was so excited. It was an opportunity to get my feet wet and try my hand at costuming. I've loved it. It was a huge cast with many costume changes. We pulled costumes from a warehouse to use and then purchased and sewed whatever else we needed. Most purchases happened at thrift stores, good thing I'm already well equipped with digging and finding what I need there.

I took on outfitting all the orphans in Annie. It was one of the biggest numbers with the most people on stage at one point. It was crazy. I sewed, shopped, altered, dyed, etc. But watching those girls on stage really made me proud.

Some other fun things were sewing up 15 sequin tunics in less than two days. Luckily for me we didn't have to hem anything or finish anything, and I set all the sleeves in flat. In my little experience I find this fun. I like that I don't have to be a perfectionist because small mistakes won't be seen from the audience. I can just enjoy what I do. I also made one of the Fiona dresses, and for some reason that dress gave me more grief than anything I've sewn in a long time. In the end it looked good. My favorite part was when I decided that the trim needed more something and started adding gold acrylic paint to the textured part of the ribbon. I didn't have time to use a small brush so I just put it on lightly with my finger. It helped it pop a little more when she was on stage. I like that about costuming... fun in the details and a lack of perfection.

Here are a few pics from one of the last dress rehearsals. I sewed half of the sequin tunics, and many of the batwing sparkle tops.

This was our Miss Hannigan. Her voice was great! I helped put together her outfit and alter the dress neckline.

I helped costume some of the members in the chorus below. These were all pieces pulled from the warehouse.

3D Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Happy New Year!

So I'm on a bit of a quilting kick. I'm loving it. I'm still sewing clothing for me, my kids, and now costumes for a theater production... but I'm also quilting. If you follow my instagram you saw that I made a skirt and a dress for a friend. She loved them, which is always nice. Sewing for others can give me quite a bit of anxiety, but it's getting better. Which is good because I'm about to sew a gown/dress for a friend headed out on a cruise! 

Anyway let's talk about this quilt. I mashed up these two pinwheel patterns.

3D Pinwheel Throw
Pinwheel Crib Quilt

And made this. To be honest I started this last year when I was on a quilting kick... got the top done and didn't finish... until this last week. Oh my. Now the intended baby is celebrating his first birthday. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has done this. Anyway I used Bonnie and Camille fabrics in only 3 colorways. The little guys room is aqua and red with a circus theme, so I wanted to make something that coordinated with that. I do love how this turned out. Honestly I can't tell you how the 3D pinwheels went because it's been so long. I will say you have to get creative with the quilting because of the pinwheels and little bunting/flag things. And I machine bound this quilt and it's my best binding yet.

Enjoy the pics and I hope the little guy, and his momma, love this quilt. It's so hard to watch these things go. This is the first quilt I've shipped off. All others have been given away in person. It was hard.

Sparkle Punch Quilt

I can finally blog and share progress pics of this year's Christmas quilt. I make these as gifts and since my SIL follows me on social media outlets... I've had to keep it a secret. Well she's in town for an early Christmas celebration and it's now been gifted!

She likes bright colors. I really wanted to use some of the Hip Holiday line by Josephine Kimberling, but it came out last year and so I had a rough time finding some. You can find some on etsy but most of those sellers want you to buy larger cuts. I didn't need large cuts, just 1/4 yard or fat quarters. I found smaller cuts here, but it looks like they're running out now too. I used Kona cotton in white for all my white blocks, and I buy mine from JoAnn's and use a coupon. I also bought all my filler prints at a local shop called Thimbles and Threads, if you're in UT.

I made the sparkle punch pattern, and really I have no idea where this pattern originated. But I was very inspired by this quilt. I made my quilt with 4.5" blocks, 4" finished, and made it 14 columns by 18 rows. So finished it measures about 56"x72." So far all my Christmas quilts have been throw sized.

I used warm and white cotton batting. And backed it in a soft minky/cuddles type fabric. I spray baste my quilts before quilting so the backing doesn't get all stretchy on me. I quilted it on my home machine and just did wavy lines down the length of the quilt. I used invisible thread, which I both love and loathe. I love that it's invisible on the dark solids, but it's not the easiest to work with. The look however is great, and now that the quilt has been washed and dried it's crinkly and beautiful. 

I plan on quilting more in the near future. I am starting to get caught up on the blocks for the Women of the Bible quilt along. I just signed up for a rainbow mini quilt swap. And I'm working on a quilt for my sister's baby, who should arrive soon... so I need to get that one finished quickly.

Jocole's Girls Skater Dress

Skater dresses may be one of my new favorite things to sew. Forgive me if I just keep making them. 

I got to test Jocole's Girls Skater Skirt Add-on and peplum top and I'm so glad too. I just love this dress. I made a 5T for my girl, and used an ivory knit with an ivory stretch knit overlay, which I wish showed up better in pictures. It's gorgeous in person. I love lace.

The pattern comes in many sizes, NB-14 and Doll. I made the 5T and a doll peplum top as a birthday gift for my little lady who just turned 5! I love the way the skirt of this dress falls. It's so lady like and fun to twirl in.

Here are other ways we styled the dress. Statement necklace. Or with casual layers. 

And our Doll modeling her new top:

Radiant Orchid Skater Dress

I loved last year's color of the year, Emerald, but never made anything for myself. Just a coat for my daughter. This year I really wanted to make something in the color of the year. I bought this fabric in March and the fabric just sat at the top of the heap for months. 

Then Jodi asked if I'd be willing to do a pretest of her skater skirt add on to her peplum top. Um, YES! And I had the perfect fabric... but not the perfect amount. I had to lay my fabric out flat and trace out all the pattern pieces with chalk to make sure that I could fit everything on the 2 yards that I had. Luckily I made it work. Not a scrap of fabric to spare.

I used a Magenta cotton/spandex knit from girlcharlee. It looks like she doesn't have that anymore but she does have a ponte.


I wanted to do the 3/4 sleeve option for fall/winter. I like to wear bracelets so I don't like the sleeves to be too long... plus I only had enough fabric length to make the 3/4 sleeves so I guess that worked out well.

I also chose to cut the skirt length marked "high calf." There are so many skirt length options! I wanted something ladylike. 

I love this dress. I'll be making more I'm sure. I love the cut... no gathering at the waist which always makes me feel like I have a poochy belly... post kids/lunch that's not something I want. This cut of skirt is just so flattering.

Everytime I wear this dress I get tons of compliments. Most importantly I feel great wearing it.

Little Skater Dress

Pattern: Little Girls' Skater Dress This funky yet functional knit dress has a fitted bodice, high neckline and a curved flared skirt.
Size Cut: I cut a 5/6 with long sleeves.
Textile Used: I used a stretch mesh that I picked up at Nuttall's and lined it with white tricot.
The Good: Cute comfy pattern for my girl. She loves it. And it pairs well with leggings and boots, it's cold where we live so this will be very important in the coming months.
The Bad: The fabric was not the easiest to work with... some of my stitching is wonky but the fabric has a bold pattern that hopefully hides a multitude of sins.
Changes Made: None.
Changes for Next Time: Next time I'll use a better fabric and I plan on making one with a box pleated skirt.
Conclusion: This is a very wearable and cute pattern. I have 3 more that I plan on making... a floral one (with pleated skirt maybe), an ivory lace one (because that's functional for a 5 year old) and an Anna costume.

Not Every Witch Lives in Salem

By His grace I've got my confidence back and look at what I've done with it.

A few weeks back I was thinking I just wanted to make a good witch costume that I could wear every year. I knew it would be a huge undertaking so I planned on only making a few pieces each year. This year I chose to make the skirt and hat.

For the skirt I was inspired to make this skirt and used these instructions for adding a "hoop." For my skirt though I made things a little easier and just cut panels that were wide rectangles. I figured out how big I wanted the bottom circumference of my skirt to be, added 3 inches for seam allowance and then divided that by 6. That gave me 16 inch wide panels. To bring them in at the waist I just put both layers together and then added large pleats at every panel seam. I made sure the opening was large enough to pull on over my hips. Instead of using a zipper I added a yoga waistband/knit waistband. I did this because there is the possibility we'll have more children and I wanted the skirt to fit under a pregnant belly or on a postpartum belly... dressing up for Halloween is important, you know ;)

For the hat I was going to build one from scratch but my first two attempts didn't work out so I scrapped that idea and bought a $3 hat from Target and then added on to it. I added burlap on the top and bottom of the brim, and wrapped the cone in burlap. The fringe on the sides of the cone were a happy accident. Really the burlap on the hat just evolved as I was gluing it. The decorations were all found at Michael's and I made a little spider to add to the mix. The pin was just as simple as gluing and hand sewing some decorations to a piece of felt and using safety pins to attach it to my coat. The bird... ah that bird. I saw it at the store and knew that I needed a pet. It was quite a fun detail that didn't go unnoticed at last night's Witches Night Out.

For the lace gloves I used scraps of stretch lace I had on hand and watched a few youtube tutorials and they came together quickly.