Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Well here I am again. On the night of our first performance. I helped costume 7B47B and it's been fun. Stressful but fun. We've had dress rehearsals all week. A week ago I wasn't sure we were going to make it, but here we are with everyone outfitted and just working on minor details. At this point in a show when I call my husband to tell him I'm finally on my way home I say things like I'm only bringing home a few things to fix... instead of a few things to fix and 6 aprons to sew (that was Tuesday night) or something like that. My family has been so supportive and patient with me this week. 

This was a fun show to outfit because nothing is really modern. Calico prints and gathered skirts abound! Lots of eyelet and lace was used for embellishing. And petticoats are involved! Also at this point in the show I wish I was joining them on stage. Someday maybe. 

Some dresses I made below.

My sister actually made the dress second from left and I embellished it. I also made the apron you can't see too well.

For this show I also learned how to sew a men's button down type shirt. I actually didn't install buttons because we put zippers in instead. They have a super fast wardrobe change and didn't have time for buttons. So it's all hidden zippers and velcro. I sewed the three shirts below. Gold, pink, and green. 

On top of this we sourced a lot of items from the warehouse, where all of these will go for future shows. Not photographed is the mending and alterations that get done after each practice. Someone always needs something fixed. I actually take at least one of my machines with me so I can be ready to fix things when (not if) needed.

It's been fun, stressful but fun. Honestly I look forward to sewing for myself again at this point, but I'm also excited to hear if I'll be asked to help out on any future shows.

Floral Raglan

It's Spring time so let's bring out all the florals!

I made this raglan style baseball tee a few weeks ago. I used a floral ponte from for the body. It's lovely but pilling already. Oh well. I'll wear the heck out of it. Any good tips on trimming those little fiber nubbies down? And I used this red ponte for the sleeves.

I used V8670 for like the 5th time. I love this pattern though... so it won't be my last. I straightened the side seams instead of curving them in for a more relaxed fit. Shortened the sleeves by about 3." And I also lowered the neckline by 1.5-2" and cut my neck band longer to accommodate the lowered neckline.

Love how this top turned out. It's comfy, cute, and perfect for Spring!


Cocoon Cardigan


Now that it's officially Spring I think I'll sew up some outerwear. Seriously. I'm so behind. I have a half finished coat and several other pieces of fabric waiting for me to get my rear in gear. Hopefully I'll have them all done by Fall '15.

I whipped up this cocoon cardigan last week to wear the night I went dancing. I wanted something warm and comfy for dinner and then the car ride home from the club.

I used this tutorial from True Bias. I added cuffs to mine though because I like sleeves that hug my arms. I cut them 10" wide and 25" long and then tapered them in and back out when I sewed them so they would hug my arms from my elbow to wrist. Also I cut my sleeve openings 4" in instead of 5" like in the tutorial. That was a good size to match up with my cuffs. That was clear as mud... wasn't it?

Floral Boxy Top

this pic is the best to show the actual color/vibrancy of this top

Jocole! I just can't quit you!

But who would want to? Here's yet another sewn something using a Jocole pattern. This time a boxy top made from a modified Quick Dress pattern.

It was never my intention to make this blouse. The whole thing was an accident.

Our story begins while fabric shopping for my daughter. I wanted to make her a floral blouse in this print in the navy colorway. She's a redhead, as you know, and blues suit her better than blacks. Well I ordered the navy fabric from and in my order I received the black colorway. I called them and they said I could keep the fabric sent and they sent out the correct fabric. Well I had only ordered a half yard because my daughter is 5 and that's enough to make a blouse. So now I had a generous half yard of this floral in the black colorway with no plan intended. I loved the fabric though. I held it up to my body and figured I could eek out a blouse for myself.

I knew I wanted a boxy blouse and I wanted to use every available inch of this fabric. Plus I like boxy tops lately with my fitted bottoms. I know there are tutorials out there for how to make one but I'm not really a tutorial person. I've had too many failures. So I knew I wanted to start with a pattern and one that I could pull over my head. Jocole's Quick Dress and Top would be just perfect. I cut the small in the neck/sleeve length and then barely curved down from the sleeve and then straigtened the side seam all the way to the bottom. Then I cut the bottom hem straight across a little above the tunic length. I didn't have enough fabric to cut a tunic length. Oh and I should mention that I cut my blouse across the grain to get as much length as I could going selvedge to selvedge. Since I was using a woven I figured that would be ok... don't do this if you're making something with a knit and your pattern has no ease.

I cut facings out of lining fabric I had on hand and then assembled the blouse. I sewed up the neck opening and shoulders and hemmed the sleeves. Then I serged the sides and bottom of the front/back blouse pieces. I did this because I stopped sewing the side seams four inches from the bottom so I could have side slits. I knew I was going to wear this dancing and wanted ease of movement.

Yes I wore this dancing. I made it the morning of girls night out. I used to go dancing all the time when I was single and usually went shopping for something new before I went out. So it was kind of like old times except now I sew. So I sewed something new. Also I wore this with coated/leather look leggings... because well I was going dancing!!!!! I was inspired by this image from pinterest. Honestly, that's how I style myself now. So many cool ideas out there that I can apply to me.

Leather skinnies + floral.
via pinterest
Honestly my outfit doesn't look anything like hers... but that's the beauty of being inspired and then working with what you have. I did feel like hot stuff that night and had so much fun even though we went to a club filled with geriatrics... it was good for us moms who just wanted to have a fun time.

please forgive my hair... bad post-faux-hawk/bed-head... pins needed!

Chartreuse Skater Skirt

Well I have a love affair going with the Skater skirt add on from Jocole. Honestly it's the best. I'm not a big fan of box pleat skirts on my body. I just don't think they flatter my body type even though I love the look of them. The skater skirt has body and movement while not adding bulk to my mid section. That, my friends is, wonderful. I've made three of these skirts so far. Two for me and one for a friend. My latest version is chartreuse. Now this may not be the color for everyone and it's maybe not really a flattering color to anyone. Have I sold you on it yet? But it's fun and funky and looks great with black and white (my favorite color combo of all time!) and chambray/denim, which is a trend that is still going strong. Just take a look at these pins that had been lurking in my boards.

stripes and chartreuse make for a perfect spring combo {love a classic midi skirt too}
via pinterest

Chartreuse & denim.
via pinterest

Chartreuse |
via pinterest

See I'd been crushing hard on chartreuse. So I knew I wanted to get some when I was fabric shopping online.

Quick note: The last few times I've been online fabric shopping I do so while also going through my inspiration boards on pinterest. It's easy to get distracted by pretty fabrics but then sometimes I buy them and don't know what to do with them or they're not me... I find that looking through my pinterest boards gives me a visual reference for what I like lately and so I can aim to get fabrics to create things that I'm already inspired by... does that make sense? Hope so.

Back to my chartreuse fabric. I bought a ponte leggero from that is not available anymore. It was a lighter weight and stretchier than some ponte's and just seemed wonderful. I think I bought a yard and a half and eeked a skirt out of that... it was close.

When I construct my skater skirts I cut a medium size and high calf length. I'm tall... so that may or may not be too long for you. It's just right for my preference though. This skirt pattern also has like 8 (give or take) length options. Gotta love Jodi.  She likes to give us options. For my waistband I add a wide piece of elastic to the inside of the waistband which helps hold up the skirt. I like to use 1.25'' athletic elastic. It's my favorite because it's soft and has great recovery, and it's not too wide or narrow. I cut my elastic about an inch smaller than my waist measurement and sew it closed. Then I nest it into the fold of the waistband and sew the waistband to the skirt like I normally would. If you're familiar with Jocole patterns you can use her waistband instructions and measurements from other skirts like the pencil or A-line maxi... that's what I do.

Geez I didn't think I'd have much to say for this post... oops ;) Here are the rest of the pics... that's what we stop by for anyway right?! And thanks for stopping by my little part of the sewing/blogging/internet.



I've wanted to get into costuming for a little while now. I love sewing and I really enjoy making Halloween costumes. I find that with costuming I get to work with different materials and sew things that I normally wouldn't.

My husband does a lot of work with digital media, TV, and smaller film productions. He's the best and puts in a word for me with the costuming people whenever he can. Someone he had met on set contacted me in December to see if I would be her assistant, and help with sewing, for a Broadway Family Favorites show in Feb/March. I said yes. I was so excited. It was an opportunity to get my feet wet and try my hand at costuming. I've loved it. It was a huge cast with many costume changes. We pulled costumes from a warehouse to use and then purchased and sewed whatever else we needed. Most purchases happened at thrift stores, good thing I'm already well equipped with digging and finding what I need there.

I took on outfitting all the orphans in Annie. It was one of the biggest numbers with the most people on stage at one point. It was crazy. I sewed, shopped, altered, dyed, etc. But watching those girls on stage really made me proud.

Some other fun things were sewing up 15 sequin tunics in less than two days. Luckily for me we didn't have to hem anything or finish anything, and I set all the sleeves in flat. In my little experience I find this fun. I like that I don't have to be a perfectionist because small mistakes won't be seen from the audience. I can just enjoy what I do. I also made one of the Fiona dresses, and for some reason that dress gave me more grief than anything I've sewn in a long time. In the end it looked good. My favorite part was when I decided that the trim needed more something and started adding gold acrylic paint to the textured part of the ribbon. I didn't have time to use a small brush so I just put it on lightly with my finger. It helped it pop a little more when she was on stage. I like that about costuming... fun in the details and a lack of perfection.

Here are a few pics from one of the last dress rehearsals. I sewed half of the sequin tunics, and many of the batwing sparkle tops.

This was our Miss Hannigan. Her voice was great! I helped put together her outfit and alter the dress neckline.

I helped costume some of the members in the chorus below. These were all pieces pulled from the warehouse.

3D Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Happy New Year!

So I'm on a bit of a quilting kick. I'm loving it. I'm still sewing clothing for me, my kids, and now costumes for a theater production... but I'm also quilting. If you follow my instagram you saw that I made a skirt and a dress for a friend. She loved them, which is always nice. Sewing for others can give me quite a bit of anxiety, but it's getting better. Which is good because I'm about to sew a gown/dress for a friend headed out on a cruise! 

Anyway let's talk about this quilt. I mashed up these two pinwheel patterns.

3D Pinwheel Throw
Pinwheel Crib Quilt

And made this. To be honest I started this last year when I was on a quilting kick... got the top done and didn't finish... until this last week. Oh my. Now the intended baby is celebrating his first birthday. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has done this. Anyway I used Bonnie and Camille fabrics in only 3 colorways. The little guys room is aqua and red with a circus theme, so I wanted to make something that coordinated with that. I do love how this turned out. Honestly I can't tell you how the 3D pinwheels went because it's been so long. I will say you have to get creative with the quilting because of the pinwheels and little bunting/flag things. And I machine bound this quilt and it's my best binding yet.

Enjoy the pics and I hope the little guy, and his momma, love this quilt. It's so hard to watch these things go. This is the first quilt I've shipped off. All others have been given away in person. It was hard.