Mini Floral Hudson Pants

I have to warn you all. I'm obsessed with florals. There my be many more projects with florals coming. I didn't realize I was obsessed until recently... but I am. And it's not an obsession that's going to wane any time soon. Maybe it's the season. Maybe it's because they're beautiful but I just love floral prints lately.

Not too long ago I bought a bunch of fabrics from for my little lady. This floral ponte was one of the cuts I bought, specifically to make her some hudson pants. I love this print. Her dad loves these pants on her and she loves these pants. The only downfall, and it's a major one, is that this fabric pills like crazy. I may have known it might be a slight problem but it's turned into a huge one on pants for an active child. Next time I'll use a different kind of knit. In the mean time we'll love these until they're unwearable.

The pattern is great. This pair came together super quickly. My last pair, never blogged but worn 3-4 times a week, took me a while. I think I just took everything slowly. So I procrastinated making this pair because I have no patience and like to have something come together quickly. 

The pattern is so comfy for kids to wear, and my daughter likes comfy. I think I cut a 6 and the length is great on my tall girl. I'll be making another pair this fall for both my kiddos, and probably myself.

My sister convinced me to use solid ribbing for the pocket detail, waistband, and cuff band. I'm glad I did. I was a bit resistant at first but I do like that detail now. As far as fabric cutting I wish I had paid more attention to print placement. I'm not so happy with how symmetrical the print is and how much floral bombing is happening in not so desirable places... I bet it's mostly just us sewing gals that notice such things... right? right???



  1. I'm a sucker for a floral too! I love these pants. Super ute! I need to look into this pattern for my daughter.

  2. Great looking pants, love the floral!