Lyon Dress

Have you heard of the Sew What Club? It's a sewing pattern club with children's and ladies patterns. You can sign up for either option or both (me).

The Lyon dress was the second girls pattern to be released this month. I sewed it up right away... late into the evening when I should have been sleeping. I used a quilting cotton that was a gift from a mini quilt swap I participated in.

I used single fold bias tape instead of double and hid it on the inside of the neckline and arm openings. I really liked my fabric and didn't want to break it up so I overlapped the top and bodice pieces by 3/8" and then traced onto my tissue. I also cut the 5/6. 

There are several things I'll change for my next one. The head opening is a bit small for my girl, and length is a bit short. I think we could go with the 7/8 for her. She's almost 6 but she's tall and a bit big for her age... which is OK. Her dad and I are tall... it's to be expected.  I think the 7/8 would be a better length. I also plan on altering where I put the elastic. It hits my girl right on the roundest part of her belly, which she finds uncomfortable, and she dresses for comfort first and cuteness second. I think it would be better above, she wants it to go below so that's probably what we'll do.

All in all it's a fast and cute make with several options. She enjoyed wearing this one so much. Also she's been giving me more "serious model face" lately in these kinds of photos. I don't know why. She's kind of shy but I think she also feels a bit special and sassy.