Simplicity 8084

So it's been almost a year since I posted. I didn't really sew for myself for 9+ months. I had a baby. I thought I would make maternity clothes, but since she should be our caboose, I didn't bother. 

Now that my body is a little bit stabilized I've been sewing for me again. I've made a few tshirt dresses but thought I'd post this first. 

Like lots of other sewists I've been getting on the shirtdress train this season. I chose to start with Simplicity 8084. I liked the details.

Fabric: I used a poly something that I picked up at Hancock's. So sad they're going out of business as they were one of my favorite local stores. I'm a bit obsessed with florals.

Fit: I added 3" to the bottom of the skirt. I'm tall and wanted to make sure this was a long enough maxi. I moved the casing down an inch. I could have used an adjustment to the back/shoulder because it's a bit tight for me.

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  1. what a pretty dress! it looks beautiful on you! and it's nice to see your lovely face again :)