Harem Pants

I'm back! Back to sewing for me! Back to sewing whatever I want! Whenever I want! Can you tell I'm excited?!?!!!

I love costuming... don't get me wrong, but while in the depths of sewing all the time for a show I miss sewing for me. No shows for a while so it's all selfish/self-care sewing all the time... not all the time but all the sewing time!

I've made my daughter a shirt and pants, a blouse for myself, and two pairs of harem pants. Specifically the Harem Pants pattern by Pattern Emporium.

I made a black pair that might show up in pictures on instagram, or here, but I don't plan on blogging them. They were the wearable muslin to determine fit. Then I cut into this fun fabric. Sadly I only had 1.5 yards and so the back legs pieces ended up a bit off grain and are pulling funny. This pair is still wearable and the print is so busy that I think I'm the only person who will know.

For this pair due to my fabric restraints I just extended the top of each leg piece to make a casing for the elastic and didn't add any pockets. My bum could use me extending the rise in the back... if I make another pair I'll work on that more.

I love this fabric, which is a Joel Dewberry rayon and drapes perfectly for this type of pant. I love that these have a crazy print and are so light and easy to wear. I'm discovering that my personal style involves florals and other crazy prints mixed with neutrals.