Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Well here I am again. On the night of our first performance. I helped costume 7B47B and it's been fun. Stressful but fun. We've had dress rehearsals all week. A week ago I wasn't sure we were going to make it, but here we are with everyone outfitted and just working on minor details. At this point in a show when I call my husband to tell him I'm finally on my way home I say things like I'm only bringing home a few things to fix... instead of a few things to fix and 6 aprons to sew (that was Tuesday night) or something like that. My family has been so supportive and patient with me this week. 

This was a fun show to outfit because nothing is really modern. Calico prints and gathered skirts abound! Lots of eyelet and lace was used for embellishing. And petticoats are involved! Also at this point in the show I wish I was joining them on stage. Someday maybe. 

Some dresses I made below.

My sister actually made the dress second from left and I embellished it. I also made the apron you can't see too well.

For this show I also learned how to sew a men's button down type shirt. I actually didn't install buttons because we put zippers in instead. They have a super fast wardrobe change and didn't have time for buttons. So it's all hidden zippers and velcro. I sewed the three shirts below. Gold, pink, and green. 

On top of this we sourced a lot of items from the warehouse, where all of these will go for future shows. Not photographed is the mending and alterations that get done after each practice. Someone always needs something fixed. I actually take at least one of my machines with me so I can be ready to fix things when (not if) needed.

It's been fun, stressful but fun. Honestly I look forward to sewing for myself again at this point, but I'm also excited to hear if I'll be asked to help out on any future shows.

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