Not Every Witch Lives in Salem

By His grace I've got my confidence back and look at what I've done with it.

A few weeks back I was thinking I just wanted to make a good witch costume that I could wear every year. I knew it would be a huge undertaking so I planned on only making a few pieces each year. This year I chose to make the skirt and hat.

For the skirt I was inspired to make this skirt and used these instructions for adding a "hoop." For my skirt though I made things a little easier and just cut panels that were wide rectangles. I figured out how big I wanted the bottom circumference of my skirt to be, added 3 inches for seam allowance and then divided that by 6. That gave me 16 inch wide panels. To bring them in at the waist I just put both layers together and then added large pleats at every panel seam. I made sure the opening was large enough to pull on over my hips. Instead of using a zipper I added a yoga waistband/knit waistband. I did this because there is the possibility we'll have more children and I wanted the skirt to fit under a pregnant belly or on a postpartum belly... dressing up for Halloween is important, you know ;)

For the hat I was going to build one from scratch but my first two attempts didn't work out so I scrapped that idea and bought a $3 hat from Target and then added on to it. I added burlap on the top and bottom of the brim, and wrapped the cone in burlap. The fringe on the sides of the cone were a happy accident. Really the burlap on the hat just evolved as I was gluing it. The decorations were all found at Michael's and I made a little spider to add to the mix. The pin was just as simple as gluing and hand sewing some decorations to a piece of felt and using safety pins to attach it to my coat. The bird... ah that bird. I saw it at the store and knew that I needed a pet. It was quite a fun detail that didn't go unnoticed at last night's Witches Night Out.

For the lace gloves I used scraps of stretch lace I had on hand and watched a few youtube tutorials and they came together quickly.


  1. Amazing costume! I love the whole look, but that skirt is especially incredible!

  2. Risa, what kind of fabric did you use to make the skirt? I love the entire outfit! Want to emulate it for the costume contest at a haunted hayride I'm co-hosting this year.

  3. Amazing costume!
    Question did you make the bustle skirt and the hoop skirt or make the bustle a hoop skirt?

    1. I have loops of ribbon on the inside of the skirt shown that I used to hold some plumbing foam tubes in place for the hoop. Unfortunately they're not structured enough and got bent out of shape and started getting pointy in sections. I'm thinking of making a hoop skirt this year to go underneath.