the SENNA dress

Hey all! I'm back at the machine. Life has been busy with the start of school around here. I've also been in a sewing funk. I have lots to do but for some reason haven't been getting behind the machine. With Autumn coming though I have lots of projects on my mind and hopefully will start to get my rear in gear. 

I was able to test Lindsay Woodward's first pattern and it was a great project to get me back at the machine.

Here is my review:

Pattern: Senna Dress Versatile, comfortable, and modern, Senna can be made as either a dress or a cute crop top + pencil skirt combo. Designed for knit fabric, Senna features a loose kimono-sleeve bodice with blouson waistline and a ruched pencil skirt. The neckline comes with crew neck and scoop neck options.
Suitable for confident beginners, this project can easily be completed in one afternoon.
Size Cut: I cut a 4 for the top and 6 for the bottom/skirt and made view A.
Textile Used: I used some gray knit fabric from my stash. You can find this on the bolt at JoAnn stores. This was probably not the best choice for this pattern. It sewed up fine but just looks so casual for this kind of dress pattern. I styled it with sneaker boots, or as my husband likes to refer to them as moon boots/Napoleon's boots... anyway I like this dress styled with these boots and a bold lip and earring. As the weather cools I'll add some opaque tights. Anyway moving on...
The Good: This dress sews up quickly. I know I say that all the time but this one really does. It also has a unique silhouette which I don't feel I've seen as much. You can also sew separates, a crop top and pencil, so you get quite a few options in one pattern. 
The Bad: I don't like the textile I used... but you live and learn. 
Changes Made: None. I sewed this exactly as stated since I was testing the pattern. 
Changes for Next Time: The pattern has a pegged skirt, which I typically like, but next time I'd just cut the bottom of the skirt straight and not peg it. The skirt portion of the pattern has quite a bit of negative ease so I don't think removing the peg will change the silhouette too much.
Conclusion: This is a sexy and wearable pattern with lots of options.


  1. It looks great on you!! Fabulous photo shoot too. Thanks for being an amazing tester!

  2. love this. i was hesitant about the pattern, but seeing this on you i need it now