Skirting the Issue

I've been in a bit of a sewing funk. I have hardly sewn anything since I finished my bow blouse a week and a half ago. I know that might not sound like a long time to some, but I usually sew Monday through Friday. Not because I have to but because I love sewing that much. I'm about to get out of my funk... I can feel my mojo coming back. It's a good thing too because it's time for Skirting the Issue. 

"...a month long series where we sew skirts for girls in Foster Care and donate them just in time for Back to School."

If you're not following Simple Simon & Co already this is a great time to start. Last year I sewed up two skirts to donate. Since then my husband, who is a camera man, has been working with our local foster care to film all of their classes to make them more accessible for current/future foster parents. It's opened up a new dialog in our home and made us more aware of the needs of foster children. So I'm especially excited to help this year.

The Starboard Skirt--an easy pleated skirt tutorial

I'll be using this tutorial for most of the skirts I make this year because it looks simple and I have lots of fabric in my stash that fit the bill perfectly.  See past posts by SS&Co here to get some ideas of what you can make. I'm sure they'll have lots of posts this month with project ideas and tutorials.

I just wanted to post about this now so if you're interested in using your skills to help those in need you can sew along with me this month. I'll post pics of my makes in a few weeks. Will you be participating with me?

~ Risa ~ 

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