Bow Front Blouse

Blouse: me
Pants: me blogged here
Shoes: Target

I saw a bow front blouse in a store and I loved it. The reason I didn't buy it was because I have a soap box... well a few of them. Anyway I'm picky about where I get my clothing because I care about who made them under what conditions. So usually now I make my own clothing under my own conditions, plus that's more fun for me anyway. The problem is I couldn't find a pattern or tutorial to make a bow front blouse like the one I saw. There are a few patterns coming out that have the same idea as what I did but they weren't out when I started or aren't exactly what I wanted. So I set out to figure it out. 

I'll be working on a tutorial to post next week on how to recreate the bow front. In the mean time enjoy the pics.

I chose to use a covered button for the closure. I'm not sure why my closure is sagging... Any helpful advice?

I leave you with these cuties that make photographing my makes more difficult and sweeter.

~ Risa ~


  1. I am going to read through your blog now, the dress was beautiful, but special occasion, this is more day to day... I want one! Great job, Risa!

    1. Thanks. I've been blogging more lately and my blog is still new ;)

      I'm a mom so I sew things that I can wear regularly ;)

  2. Beautiful! You are an awesome seamstress...

  3. I love your top! it's gorgeous. I would love to follow a tutorial how to make this top

  4. I love this top! The color is just perfect on you! And the last picture with your kids is really cute! I can guarantee that if I took pictures with my kids we would not match and look this put together (and happy!) without a whole lot of planning and bribery :)