Skinny Pants

Jodi of Jocole hit it out of the park with this pattern. Skinny pants. Not jeans... pants. I feel like they're capturing my style but a bit more grown up and lady like... does that make sense?

Pattern: Jocole Skinny Pant is available June 20-27 as part of the bundle up pattern sale here. After that it will be available at Jocole.
Textiles Used: Waverly Home Decor print. Though I would not recommend this or use it again. This specific one is dry clean only and when ironed started showing spots... so I had to use a press cloth. Luckily the print is so busy you don't notice.
Sizing: I currently have been making a size 10 with the waist tapered in another inch.
The Good: This pattern uses a knit waistband. I loved that and it's so comfy to wear. These are simple pants that once you've fit your muslin and marked/cut adjustments into your paper pattern they sew up super quickly.
The Bad: Um making a muslin? It can be a frustrating process but worth it.
Changes Made: Altered sizing here and there for my body type. Also added exposed zippers to the ankles for fun... but they get lost in my busy print.
Changes For Next Time: I might take in the calves a bit more... they seem a bit more straight leg than skinny. I like them... I'm just not used to wearing pants that don't fit like they were painted on ;)
Conclusion: I love them. I love the print matching I did on my pockets. I'm wanting to make more and more. I want to make a black pair out of cotton sateen, bright yellow, blue/white ikat... hot pink?