Track Pants V8909

Well, I never recapped my MeMadeMay posts... I might do that soon but if you want to see them check out my instagram feed. 

I said it was the year of the pants... and it's turning into the year of the pants. I've sewn 4 pairs of pants already this year. I'm wearing my latest make as I sit and type this... Now I just need to make blouses to go with all these new pants.


Pattern: Vogue Pants Pattern 8909
Size Cut: I cut a size medium and then ended up making my seam allowances larger to slim them down. Next time I'll cut the small. 
Textiles Used: black rayon that I found at Hancock Fabrics.
The Good: I really like this pattern. It sews up easy enough and is both casual and fun... which fits my lifestyle.
The Bad: I'm not a fan of sewing all the small and numerous elastic casings... next time I'll just do a wider elastic in the waistband but still do triple elastic in the ankle cuffs because I like the look.
Changes Made: I didn't add the drawstring and then I raised the inseam 2 inches up into the crotch... does that make sense? The pants hit too high up on my stomach for my liking so to lower them I shortened the rise by raising the inseam.
Changes for Next Time: I'll be shortening the rise by about 2 inches on the front and back.
Conclusion: These are comfy easy to wear pants. I'm making them again soon... in leopard. Because of course I *need* leopard track pants ;) 

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  1. These look great on you! In fact, we want to make a pair of these pants right now...