Skirting the Issue

I have a lot of soap boxes and causes I believe in and I like to give back. I don't want to get too preachy here but I do want to inspire more people to give more.

I was going through the blogs I like to check in on and saw that Project Sewn was doing a month long event where you make items to donate to charity.

Sign me up. I've been stash busting around here and just happened to have 2 big cuts of knit that I've had for years... I bought it from the bargain section with no intended use for it... and never used them. This was the perfect opportunity to use them up.

I made a gray maxi in my standard size and 2 knee length A-line skirts in a 4/5T size. My daughter loves when I make her things and kept asking if the skirts were for her. She was such a good sport when I told her they weren't and were for friends who needed a skirt. I wish I would have written down what she said it was so cute and perfect.

Also I should take posing advise from her because obviously she is way more comfortable in front of the camera than I am.

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