I've been too quiet. Life got busy and not much sewing has been happening. Maybe I shouldn't write public to-sew lists ;)

Anyway here are two pics from my IG account on what I've got going on.

Remember my post on Skirting the Issue? Well they had a get together in the area and a bunch of ladies came out and sewed up some skirts. I think about 220 skirts were made/donated that evening. I myself made 3 in a couple hours. There is still some time to sew up a skirt and ship it out to help out the cause.

This is a peek at the fabric I'm using for a skirt and blouse. Skirt will have box pleats and the blouse is my favorite TNT Simplicity 2599. I got everything cut out to sew up last night... but I was too exhausted to sew. Hoping to have it done and photographed this weekend to share with you next week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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