So it's a long story and I'll give you the short version. My cell phone is so simple it has no camera. There I said it. I'm a SAHM and have a house phone so I've been stuck in the stone age phone wise... and haven't minded for the most part. 

Well the hubs switched carriers and got a new phone so I pounced on his old one and set up an instagram account specifically for my sewing. That way I can share, unabashedly, my WIP's and stuff on the cutting table floor (yeah lots of people use tables... I still prefer the floor) and finished things that I just haven't blogged yet. I'm so excited about this. Plus I have an instagram feed just for sewing related interests. 

So, if you're on instagram and want to follow me it's: recentlyrisa... or if you're sharing more of your makes on instagram let me know your user name in the comments and I'd love to see what you're up to! I also added a widget to the sidebar of the blog. I told my husband that and he was like "widget?"

We're creatives... not techies ;)

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