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So remember how I said I was going to learn to sew pants and button downs this year? I've been thinking about it a lot and how I plan to accomplish such a feet... and then realized I have an 18 month mover and shaker that could use more pants and shirts, button downs in this case, because he just keeps growing.

I plan on sewing my son's spring/summer wardrobe. Now I know sewing for kids isn't everyone's thang, but I promote it whole heartedly for the beginning seamstress. I learned so many things about clothing construction sewing for my daughter when she was this age. Lessons that transferred to sewing for myself. Now I want to learn to sew pants and blouses with button plackets and collars and everything... so my son's clothes will be my practice. Kids move so fast that no one will notice my mistakes and I don't have to buy as much fabric on these 'test' pieces.

For pants I just bought the Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern. It's on a blog tour right now and a discount code so I picked it up this morning. I have some khaki twill and will be purchasing navy and green twill as well as some denim.

For button downs I'm still looking for the perfect pattern. I might buy 2, one from Oliver + S and the other from Blank Slate Patterns. If you know of any other good ones please share.

Also I plan on altering the Derby Jacket pattern into a fun boy look. Obviously sans ruffle ;)

I started a boy style pin board to catalog different looks and ideas. I find it's also helpful to look at adult fashion when figuring out how to dress and design for my kids.

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And because a blog post is more fun with a picture. I'll share this. I bought this fabric to make this coat. My husband is worried about the granny factor but I'm going for bold and different. And way excited. 

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