Chevron Seafarer

This is my favorite piece I think I've made. I love to wear it! It's the Seafarer Top pattern. Here are my variations.

1. Didn't fold armband and extended the length so it would be a bracelet length sleeve.
2. Lengthened the top by 1-2".
3. Cut the front piece on the bias. I did this by laying the piece on the fabric diagonally. Cut out one piece, not on fold. Then I took that piece and laid it on top of the fabric diagonally, right sides together, and matching up stripes and cut out another piece. I forgot to add a seam allowance to the center seam but would recommend doing that.
4. This time I bound the neckline instead of using a band.

Also used my favorite trick for matching patterns to get that chevron in the front perfect.

~ ~ ~ Risa ~ ~ ~

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