Pattern Matching

I know there are lots of ways to do things. And maybe you've seen this before... but if you haven't... then here's a post for you.

This is how I match up my patterned fabric when I want the pattern to match at the side seams. I do this for my chevron shirts, my chevron maxi, and my daughter's maxi skirt... I'll also use this trick when I sew up my striped dress... whenever that happens ;)  Too much fabric means too many projects!

1. Start with Steam-A-Seam. There are 2 rolls in the package and that's a ton... I'm not even half way through my first roll.

2. Unroll it and tear off a piece the length of your pattern piece. Press the sticky side onto the fabric where your seam will be and where you want to match the pattern. Make sure to align it on the edge of the fabric so it stays within your seam allowance.

3. Lightly press according to package directions.

4. When cool gently pull off the paper.  Make sure you're not pulling up the webbing. You can see it in this pic as it slightly mutes the colors.

5. Take your other pattern piece and gently press the two pieces together  by hand, matching up the pattern.

6. Gently press with an iron.

7. When cool take the pieces to the machine and sew up your seam. Make sure your seam allowance is at least 3/8" so the Steam-A-Seam stays in the seam allowance.

I know you can do the same thing with pins but things still get a bit shifty and some stabbing may occur... or at least that happens around these parts. I find this step takes less time or just as long as pinning and works better. 

Is this how you match patterns? If not try it and let me know how it works for you.

~ Risa ~

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