Mini Maxi

I've gone fabric shopping two days in a row and just received a shipment from an online seller.  I may have a problem. I also might suspend fabric purchasing for the month of August... we'll see ;)

After I made my chevron maxi my daughter wanted one too. The nice thing about her size is that she's small enough for me to be able to make her something out of my scraps... which sounds mean when I put it that way but I do have piles of fabric intended for garments for her.

Here's the maxi I whipped up for her:

I had just enough of this fabric to make her one and she loves it. I matched up the stripes, made a fold over waistband and left the hem unfinished.

She wore this dress all day Saturday and now it's waiting to be washed, which is too bad because she wanted to wear it this afternoon with a new shirt I made her for fall... using scraps. It's so cute I can't wait to share!

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