Still Here

Where do I begin? I've been sewing lots but my husband/photographer has been out of town so I haven't photographed anything I've made. I need to get a tripod/backdrop setup going so I can keep you all updated.

Also, my sister moved up her wedding date and got married last week. I did the photography and video. Well DH shot the video but I edited it. So that's kept me super busy the last 2 weeks.

This week my lil guy is sick with some respiratory something and so things have been slow going. 

That said I'm sewing a ton for my etsy shop. I'll have to share some soon here on the blog. I have a massive to do list to plow through the hoard stash. I keep buying more fabric and thrifting. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem! 

So until next week, when I promise to have cute things to show you, I leave you with this image of what it looked like at my machine today.

P.S. I got a serger! Life changer right there! Sew exciting! Is that cheesy or what?

~ ~ ~ Risa ~ ~ ~


  1. awesome. I have a broken serger from my mom that I will one day fix.
    At least you are sewing though, I just buy fabric :)