Serger and Bibs

I finally got a serger. When I was just starting out sewing I knew I wasn't ready for one. I had to unpick things all the time and sewing was more frustrating than fun sometimes... and I needed a machine that was slow so I could have a chance to get things right. Now I sew daily and I can actually wear what I make so I want things finished better.

Now I'm ready.

I'm lucky that I have a friend with the same machine so she showed me how to thread it and use it a little.

The first thing I made were these bibs for my etsy shop.  I've drafted a pattern for them but haven't digitized it yet. Also all the chevron ones were made with scraps and some lining. The guitar one I made for my boy and it's so stinking cute on him, and I had enough fabric to make 2.


  1. May you live happily together, your serger and you! May I ask what serger have you gotten? I was thinking of getting one in the near future...I am sewing for about 2 years, and I have made perhaps about 15 knit garments so far. I am trying to persuade myself that it is not a luxury to have one..

  2. I got the Brother 1034D. I know some people turn their noses up at brother machines and that's ok, but that's what I sew with. Both my sewing machine and serger. I'm really happy with the serger so far and would buy my sewing machine again in a heartbeat.