#DIY Boxy Chevron Blouse

At the start of spring I started going through all of my warm weather clothing.  It was a bummer.  Most of the shirts I had were fitted and not long enough for my torso. This was a problem because my mommy tummy isn't bouncing back as fast after child #2 and I just don't feel as comfortable wearing those kinds of shirts. They also just seemed too young for me. Not that I'm old, they just didn't feel right for me any more.  So I decided I needed some more clothing.  I've done a little thrifting and sewing to help stock up my closet with more options.

Here is a top I made.  I used this tutorial and it was just perfect for 1 yard of fabric. I made sure mine was plenty long and had more of a crew neck. I wanted it to by modest and I didn't want to have to wear an undershirt with it. I don't like to be hot so any extra layers in the summer are unwelcome.

*Please forgive the hair in the following pics. I was at the harbor earlier in the morning and the humidity attacked me.*

I also took great care in matching up my side seems. I think this just gives things a more polished look.  It takes extra time... and maybe more fabric but for me it was important.  It was pretty easy to do with this top though.


I've been loving the chevron shirts and dresses that I've seen on pinterest and a lot of online clothing boutiques so I was really happy to find a great source for chevron prints in a comfy knit fabric.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with myself lately. The last two shirts I've made have really turned out and now I have a few more on trend items in my closet that were eco friendly, hand made, and not putting an extra burden on people in poor working conditions. If these things matter to you too but you don't sew, I'm offering this top in my esty shop.

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