the ASH Jumpsuit

I hope you all follow Celina of PetitaPetitandFamily. She's fantastic and a wonderful pinner. She's been on Project Run & Play this season as well.

She's releasing two patterns with Willow and Co. Patterns and one of them is this jumpsuit. (Willow & Co patterns will be launching on April 22) I don't know how I got lucky enough to test... or lets be honest I begged... and she said yes! My daughter lives for dresses and wears them daily... next on her list are jumpsuits. Not skirts... jumpsuits. She loves them, which is one of the major reasons I begged. I needed a good jumpsuit pattern in my arsenal and I knew it would be something my daughter would love.

Pattern: the ASH jumpsuit
Textiles Used: a silky print from the Simply Silky line carried at Joanns. I purchased this fabric last fall to make a blouse for myself and as soon as I even had a hint this pattern would go into testing I decided I would use this. The orange and green in the print really work with my daughter's complexion.
The Good: It's a stinkin' cute jumper and comfy enough for my daughter to wear days on end. Also the instructions are thorough. It's very nice that indie pattern designers add plenty of pictures and instructions to their patterns to help sewers of all skill levels.
The Bad: I wouldn't say this is a bad, but I wish there were instructions for making a casing for the waist elastic in the waistband seam. It's my preferred method. But when testing you follow instructions to a 'T'... so I just used my steam-a-seam to apply my casing and then stitched it in place and had no issues.
Changes Made: I was one of the few who didn't use a cotton. It was actually my favorite thing I did because the fabric I used draped beautifully. 
Changes for Next Time: Next time I would add an inch of rise to the back crotch/bottom seam and then taper the line down to the side seams. My daughter could use just a little extra length back there. It might be due to her size though. I cut the 4T because width wise she's a 4 but length she's a 5... Or next time I'll cut a 5 length and 4 width. Also turning under the fabric around the curves for the elastic casing was beastly with this fabric. Next time I'll interface my facing and serge the edge that would get turned under and then not turn it under and just stitch it down to make the casing... hope that makes sense.
Conclusion: I love this pattern, but the fabric I chose was difficult to work with... so I might not make another until next summer, but I will be making another every spring/summer until she's too big to fit the pattern.


  1. I love all the detail in your blog posts! Such a lvoely version (I totally begged to be a tester too by the way!!) Lx

  2. Oh you know how much I love it in this fabric and the photos and your daughter is just adorable.

  3. soooo very cute! I love it all. Thank you for all your hard work. I hope we can work together again. :)

  4. Very pretty! The photos are gorgeous!