#DIY Coral Maxi Skirt

Hi all!

I'm back. My family made it across the country safely and happily for the most part. Our kids did great considering their age and that we drove for 4 days. Whew!

I've been to Joann's twice and bought a few pieces of fabric and have started up my machine again. Sew exciting!

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First on the list was a coral maxi skirt. I bought this fabric a little while ago to make a skirt but just couldn't get to it before we moved. My friend was going to a ladies night at her church and they were making maxi skirts, lucky for me she invited me too! I pre-washed/dried my fabric and took it with me. And I whipped up my skirt in a little over an hour! 

I love it and love that it's on trend. I have three of these maxi skirts now and I was telling the hubs that I wasn't going to make any more... then remembered I have 2 on my wish list... so I guess I may have lied to him.

I used this coral spandex... which is more fitting than drapey so I wore some spanx with it ;)

Love it with the lace top I made... this outfit was definitely inspired by this pin!

We used a tutorial put together by the girl teaching the class, but I brought my chevron maxi so I could make it wide enough at the bottom and long enough. If you need a great maxi skirt pattern this one is my favorite

#DIY Coral Maxi Skirt | RecentlyRisa

Oh and I wore this skirt 3 times last week.

***this is not a sponsored post... just sharing things i love***

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