Cocoon Cardigan


Now that it's officially Spring I think I'll sew up some outerwear. Seriously. I'm so behind. I have a half finished coat and several other pieces of fabric waiting for me to get my rear in gear. Hopefully I'll have them all done by Fall '15.

I whipped up this cocoon cardigan last week to wear the night I went dancing. I wanted something warm and comfy for dinner and then the car ride home from the club.

I used this tutorial from True Bias. I added cuffs to mine though because I like sleeves that hug my arms. I cut them 10" wide and 25" long and then tapered them in and back out when I sewed them so they would hug my arms from my elbow to wrist. Also I cut my sleeve openings 4" in instead of 5" like in the tutorial. That was a good size to match up with my cuffs. That was clear as mud... wasn't it?


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