Chartreuse Skater Skirt

Well I have a love affair going with the Skater skirt add on from Jocole. Honestly it's the best. I'm not a big fan of box pleat skirts on my body. I just don't think they flatter my body type even though I love the look of them. The skater skirt has body and movement while not adding bulk to my mid section. That, my friends is, wonderful. I've made three of these skirts so far. Two for me and one for a friend. My latest version is chartreuse. Now this may not be the color for everyone and it's maybe not really a flattering color to anyone. Have I sold you on it yet? But it's fun and funky and looks great with black and white (my favorite color combo of all time!) and chambray/denim, which is a trend that is still going strong. Just take a look at these pins that had been lurking in my boards.

stripes and chartreuse make for a perfect spring combo {love a classic midi skirt too}
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Chartreuse & denim.
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Chartreuse |
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See I'd been crushing hard on chartreuse. So I knew I wanted to get some when I was fabric shopping online.

Quick note: The last few times I've been online fabric shopping I do so while also going through my inspiration boards on pinterest. It's easy to get distracted by pretty fabrics but then sometimes I buy them and don't know what to do with them or they're not me... I find that looking through my pinterest boards gives me a visual reference for what I like lately and so I can aim to get fabrics to create things that I'm already inspired by... does that make sense? Hope so.

Back to my chartreuse fabric. I bought a ponte leggero from that is not available anymore. It was a lighter weight and stretchier than some ponte's and just seemed wonderful. I think I bought a yard and a half and eeked a skirt out of that... it was close.

When I construct my skater skirts I cut a medium size and high calf length. I'm tall... so that may or may not be too long for you. It's just right for my preference though. This skirt pattern also has like 8 (give or take) length options. Gotta love Jodi.  She likes to give us options. For my waistband I add a wide piece of elastic to the inside of the waistband which helps hold up the skirt. I like to use 1.25'' athletic elastic. It's my favorite because it's soft and has great recovery, and it's not too wide or narrow. I cut my elastic about an inch smaller than my waist measurement and sew it closed. Then I nest it into the fold of the waistband and sew the waistband to the skirt like I normally would. If you're familiar with Jocole patterns you can use her waistband instructions and measurements from other skirts like the pencil or A-line maxi... that's what I do.

Geez I didn't think I'd have much to say for this post... oops ;) Here are the rest of the pics... that's what we stop by for anyway right?! And thanks for stopping by my little part of the sewing/blogging/internet.


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