What I learned ~ Me Made May

Well I did a lousy job of blogging for #MMM14

I think what happened is that on day 5 we moved into a new place and life took over and then I just got too far behind to blog... so here is what I learned. 

I have a lot of summer dresses, jersey/knit summer dresses. I love them but they don't work for May in Utah. 

I am lacking in me made fall/winter items across the board which is what you need for half of May here. 

I'm also lacking in the separates department, as in I need more pants and blouses. So that's what I'll be focusing on this summer. I have tons of fabric to make blouses and I'll be making another pair of pants soon.

It's hard to commit to something like this for a full month. My pledge was to wear something me made every day... maybe 4 days a week would be better next year. We'll see how I feel then. 

I don't like selfie's... and I'm awkward. But now I miss them. Yesterday I wore a me made outfit and felt super cute and wanted to share it with the world but I didn't... Maybe I should have. Maybe I should blog my me made outfits when I wear one that makes me feel great.

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