DIY Pencil Skirt

So remember my inspiration skirt? Well here's my version. I found the fabric at Joann's and drafted the pattern myself. Here's how:

1. I laid out my Kraft paper and used the side edge because I wanted both sides of the skirt to be symmetrical so it's best to cut on a fold. The side edge would serve as my fold.
2. I marked the top of my skirt to the bottom and then added markings for seam allowances. 1.5" at the top for my elastic and 1" at the bottom for the hem.
3.  I measured my waist to the widest part of my body, or lower hip, and marked that distance down from the top of the skirt. Not the top seam allowance marking but what would be the finished top.
4. I made a marking of how wide the widest part of the skirt needed to be.
5. I drew a straight line down to the skirt bottom and then pegged the bottom of the skirt in 5cm, or so and marked that.
6. I used a curved ruler to draw all connecting side seam lines. I didn't add seam allowances to the sides since I was working with a knit and wanted the skirt really fitted.
7. I drew a straight line down the whole length of the skirt 1" from the edge, or what would be the fold. When cutting my skirt pieces I cut the back piece on the fold from the pattern. Then folded that pattern piece along the mark an inch from the edge and cut the front piece. So the front piece is an inch less wide than the back piece. This was to help my side seams be more centered on the side and also made it more fitted... negative ease remember.

Don't sew? The skirt is available in my etsy shop as well. 

Do I need to make a quick video on how I drafted the skirt pattern? That might be more helpful than those typed instructions...

Then I sewed up the sides and it fit perfectly. This knit isn't super stretchy so it didn't need more taking in. I think a knit with more stretch might have needed taking in at the sides to get a more fitted look. I added elastic at the top and hemmed the bottom and I was done.

~ ~ ~ Risa ~ ~ ~


  1. Yes! A video on how you drafted the pattern would be very helpful to bus visual learners. :)

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  3. Replies
    1. I'm working on one. Hopefully I'll have it done soon and can post it. I'll try to this week.

  4. Did the video every get posted for this tutorial?

  5. Not see any link to the video tutorial, I guess you haven't posted, however. I would love to watch that, I always want to make that skirt for a while. :)

  6. ...or pics of the drafting process would be awesome!

  7. ...or pics of the drafting process would be awesome!